Monday, June 30

Mud challenge 2008

Nothing will kill the spirit of Bhopal riders in this rainy season for dirt track created by Miracles Events. This is the 6Th year of this yearly event to welcome monsoon. The track prepared in-between 2 natural lakes created by last year's rains near the temple is all set for the enthusiasts and ready to be zipped. 18 participants practiced yesterday` for the challenge The nip in the air and zip in the ground is all set for the adventure lovers of Bhopal. Miracles events yearly event is a thriller for the Bhopal crowd. This will be the 6Th year of this consecutive event.

The Miracles mud challenge is scheduled on JULY 6th 2008 AT KALIASOT DAM .The rehearsal and the mechanic meet was organized on 29Th 2008 at Kaliasot reservoir after 12 pm due to security reason and the arrival of the President of India.

Asif Ali is also participating who won the all India race in 2007 and went to Malaysia for grand prix with John Abraham. Any body can ride on the dirt track. It's on the plain terrain, no bums and no jolts, no hurdles just simple fast riding. The track is of 16 km, zic zac route is created on the plain ground in front of the mandir and simple plain route is created around the mandir. Suzuki motors is giving body suits to riders. 5 check points are made including the starting point and the finishing point. The marking on the routes is done by flags, boxes, dividers to make the route comfortable for the participants.

Any body having a bike can participate along with the license , Registration and insurance book of the vehicle, Riding Gears- Helmet, hand gloves, knee guard, elbow Guard, shoes are compulsory. First aid room is there in case of injury. Emergency booth for security & assistance is also arranged.

MPTDC, Suzuki motors MP Nagar, TATA Telecom & UB GROUP are supporting the event. Castrol will be giving engine oil to all the mechanics and the participants

The competition this time is divided into 2 categories this time namely the beginners and the experienced riders so as to promote the novice riders. It will be an open category . The prize distribution will be held just after the completion of the event. Every participant will get a certificate, T-shirts. The prizes will be given to first 3 in both the categories.

The competition is tough. It requires strength agility, composure concentration and above all speed to be there at the top.

Objective dor organising the activity-
Ø To spread the art- of riding & driving.
Ø To make the user understand, how to communicate with the machine.
Ø To form a bike community.
Ø To bring together manufacturers, financers & the end users on a common platform.
Ø To create an annual event, which will showcase the best riders, drivers in the city, state with their machines.
Ø To spread sports awareness and sportsmanship spirit.

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