Sunday, April 27

Cheer girls

“Well ... I just noticed today ..... that their cleavage is not showing…..
Guess some noise has been made by the media already…”said one of my friends from the paki land. Hahaha..He was talking in view of cheerleaders at cricket matches which have become our latest burning political issue.

We all know Cricket is a religion for millions of Indian. What will happen when it is mixed with a fizzy of cocktail of cricket entertainment and celebrity shows?

It is the first ever multimillion dolor competition which has and will revolutionise the Indian minds that are basically starved of entertainment. The whole on ground event is designed to tap every body in the country purposely. It’s very simple and a straight blueprint for T 20 match which is served for the first time in a different platter. The platter offers Bollywood stars, Bollywood music, fireworks, stilt walkers, cyclists furiously riding around the ground, acrobats hanging from the stadium roof and all with 250,000 watt sound system and 75,000 watt light in the stadium.

Our politicians are also mixed in Bollywood brew and politicians who look for glare of publicity try to taste the flavor of publicity by raising issues which are baseless, silliest and dumbest and immaterial to them and for the country. Instead of working on issues they search for issues hog limelight. Why don’t we hear a debate on prostitution, infanticide, rape, murders, education system and poor sports infrastructure in our legislatures? Why do things like rape and child prostitution never become a political issue? Could it be because our politicians see these things as an integral part of Indian civilization? Are there any dearths of issues in our country? Why are politicians raising questions about the cheer leaders in the T20 cricket tournament?

In star-struck, society conscious India, Bollywood stars leads their fans to love and hate what they love and hate. Cheerleader’s are being utilized for political beliefs in Mumbai. The hypocrisy is interesting...why not the same guidelines for Indian movies and TV programs! Politicians of the Mecca of entertainment city say cheerleaders are "vulgar and obscene".

“Well .... ... From ancient times ... men have been fascinated by women's curves, they are attracted towards the curves.... That’s the only reason women show them off as well. Why does the politician feel annoyed with the observations and assumptions” said another friend of mine from India. “Bollywood is pretty much getting carried away too and the censor boards becoming a little too relaxed “so who will protest next. On the protesters who are not protesting for this.

Well Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Why are we not looking at the cheer leaders as professional cheer leaders? They have been called to entertain the crowd. Theirs nothing obscene and vulgar, I think it’s a part of the sport. That’s there job and they are doing it not forcefully, as few women activists are also concerned about women all of a sudden. They are being paid for their jobs and I don’t think they act like they are trying to seduce, it’s just that they are trying to increase the energy levels of the spectators; the more energy there is in the stadium better it is for the players.... They get all pumped up and perform at their best

Vast majority of the audience is enjoying and having fun and of course a little majority of the perverts must be enjoying too. Khajuraho is a twisted freaking fantasy of someone why don’t they close it said another friend from Delhi. Well ... I think mallika sherawat is more vulgar with or without clothes..... So why do they go to watch her movies? How many of these politicians have raised issues that concerns corruption or about a corrupt politician, rape etc ... it’s always the media or activists, or normal people among us who gets concerned.

Being from the entertainment territory I believe that all the entertainment will not distract from the game. The game is holy and so are the intentions. The cricket and the entertainment is a new endeavor and it’s not uncomplimentary at all. The cheerleaders have been introduced into the Indian Premier League as part of moves to add glamour and entertainment to the game. The American concept of cheerleaders at sporting events has been replicated here to add a dash of glamour and entertainment. The cheer leading girls, wearing short skirts and low-cut tops, have been hired from around the world to perform.

Who will decide the 'Lines of decency’ is a question? It is difficult to enforce moral policing, we cannot define vulgarity always. It is difficult to ascertain what is vulgar and obscene. Who are these senior officers who would decide whether the cheerleaders had crossed the "lines of decency”? The regular and the routine arguments given are “We live in India where womanhood is worshipped. How can anything obscene like this be allowed?” this is from top to bottom Double standards. I find this resentment completely misplaced because it’s coming from a city which is a home to a thriving industry of Bollywood films where dance sequences featuring women in skimpy dresses are routine.

Even the head of India's National Commission for Women said "there was nothing wrong with the cheerleaders if it is just for adding entertainment to the game". I am sure it’s presented in the right manner keeping Indian values intact.

Our moralizing politicians should be sent to watch the latest offering from Bollywood, so they can see that cheerleaders look fully clothed when compared with what Indian actresses wear these days. Perhaps, the self-appointed guardians of Indian civilization should grasp that cheerleaders are baby stuff compared to the oldest most explicit text on love-making known to mankind and temples so sexy, they make Mumbai’s banned bar dancers look like nuns. This is without mentioning that the average, conservative Indian woman bears her midriff automatically if she wears a sari.

In the name of sanskriti we cannot speak inane. We cannot preserve sanskriti/culture if you do not understand what that colossal word brings in its fold.

Sadly it has to be said that the Indians who understand Indian civilization the least are our politician’s. It’s the illiteracy in our country why cheerleaders have become the subject of our current pathetic political debate.

We should enjoy cricket as one of the means in the entertainment starved country where the aam aadmi has no way of recreation…except procreation.

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  1. Speaking about cheerleaders and pretending to work for freedom of expression or choice are the fad of modern day journos. They do everything under the sun and then cry why this socalled cry. You glorified an entirely corrupted package and now you have to justify because a tournament like IPL or Indian paid league has not just paid to criketers but also helping you guys to spread your circulations. The shamless morons do not think there are big issues in India. IPL has become bigger issue. When you will make it a big issue, obviously the moral police would also be there to have their cake. how will they allow that pure mercenaries of IPL being described great by the entire media. India media has jump into the deep pit of shit. they consider themselves biggest professional but they block the freedom of expression and choice. Preaching start at home. why did the media not cover, ICL that well. Today, anything that the corrupt corporate do is a trend and truth in India and all other speak are old mindset.. Please change your mind and look forward.

    Cricket has been an entertainer and never need the cheerleaders. Play the games, cheer leaders are better with Shahrukh Khan as extra.. why should anybody bother if some body is making money out of her body.. but do not make it the most important issue of the country.. we have a lot.. ask the bosses of the newx paper, do not turn IPL into an olympic or a world cup.. do not give an overdose of it to us..