Sunday, April 20

Avoid traffic jam

Bhopal city is loosing its sheen big time in few areas.
There are numerous reasons for the traffic problems in the city. But prosperity and traffic sense is the main reason for destroying the peace on the roads. In fact i blame banks executives who force the youth to take vehicle loans and adds to the traffic jam and chaos.

On occasions of festivals, rallies, protests, processions, VIP movements, the roads becomes impossible as the strength of the traffic police is too small to deal with the magnitude of the vehicles . It’s completely ineffective as the police is not well quipped.

In few residential and commercial areas bad roads are an understatement. Clogged roads, civic work issues, lack of infrastructure support makes the traffic snarl.

The snail like movement, no planning, no awareness of the administration adds to the problem of traffic of the beautiful city.

Every 2 km one finds a rotary, a monster being erected to highlight the politicians and their banners. Rotaries are hindrance than assistance in the small city. Very little parking areas are formed in the public and commercial zones which is adding to the crisis. And if at all they are, they are being misused under the nose of the administration .Basements designed for parking are being used for the commercial purpose flouting the norms and rules.

But to add more to these problems the traffic sense stand on the top for creating traffic turmoil. The traffic sense is missing big time within India. People are literate but they act as illiterate.

Why cant the office timings can’t be made flexible. Why there should be a concept of rush hour. One can negate the concept of rush hour by giving flexible working hours to the employees.

Traffic problems has its roots not in the narrow roads designed poorly , not in the large quantity of vehicles on roads, not in the lack of education as some want us to believe, not due to poor signage nor in the fact that we are a population of economically poor .

The crux is the sense and the sensibilities. - where and when did we loose our civilised ways of living .Uffff, the mutual respect for each other, value attached to life, to the self gratifying, wild way of living in a society.

The moment we have a jam we hear a honking competition and at least I look out for the person who will be forced to make his vehicle an airplane. People have to be made sensible to follow the traffic rules because innovative engineering solutions will not help with the deficiency of susceptibility. They will fail completely.

Where and Why have we lost our ability to be rational , use our common sense and receptiveness - We must be asking ourselves why we are in such a hurry that almost habitually most drivers start honking as signals turn from Orange to Green or how much time would be saved by stopping at signals well beyond the stop lines.

Creating awareness is no doubt a measure to curb the problem but strict rules are an only answer to deal with this menace.

no doubts good signage, road mapping, proper signals, meticulous planning are must in our city to make the traffic more disciplined .


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  1. Well... its not only Bhopal... its every single road in every single city in India... :)...

    Its about each one of us started thinking really... great article with a good point :)