Saturday, March 22

Glorifying bad driving on streets

Biking is rising to a new level and it’s the advertisement, which is to be responsible for the bike rage in our country.

The latest bike advt lays to rest any arguments about maneuverability, control, skill and stunts.

The commercials are stunt based and talks about all that you can do with the bikes.A decade back bike market aimed larger than just a bike. Today they is a certain image and attitude been produced about the bike. It has risen way above what it looked .

Describing the ad isn’t nearly as great as watching it. They are mind boggling,they raise aspirations.

The latest advt o saw starts off with six bikers, all in black, getting onto an empty road, ready to show off their biking skills. All sorts of bike stunts are performed – one-wheel biking, swirling, and riding with both feet off the bike, and a lot more. All that you see was actually performed before the camera.

But what public statement is it giving to the youth ,their consumer?
The ad features the world’s top bike riders, including world No. 2 AC Farias and Mattie Griffin, who is among the Top 5 in the world. The bikers are from all over the world, including Ireland, Brazil, Spain and South Africa. But they perform on a track, understands the language and psyche of bikes.
The power, aggression and grace element of biking has been captured imaginatively. It shows synchronized biking, maneuverability and control that the bike offers.


The professionals making the ad are overlooking social responsibility. Youth is enticed by the advt, wouldn’t know maneuvering.

Even the professional bikers were given seven days on their bike to perform the advt.

Another TV commercial shows a group of bikers driving into an empty road and performing all kind of synchronised stunts. The background score harmonises freely with the visuals. The TVC begins with a disclaimer: “Dramatised stunts performed by experts. Please do not imitate these stunts or actions”.

This runs later as a scroll also.

in this day and age ads of automobile industry are dangerous and irresponsible and of bad taste. Are automobile ads giving advertising a bad name? I'm sure the creative heads carry out some responsibility!

Are they fighting mind's eye with common sense?

They are screaming loud and violating traffic and encouraging unsafe or reckless driving. They are inducing rash driving, which could harm the driver, passengers and/or the general public.

Is anyone listening? In the dramatizations they are glorifying bad driving on streets.

Who can forget a boy weaving through traffic rashly because he has lost control but just stops before the flowing river?

Can we forget the bikers zooming between 2 trucks, pulls flowers of a moving vehicle, for the girlfriend..

Do we want to see as biker performing stunts on the edge of a cliff on one wheel in real……. Or for that matter will somebody perform this stunt?

They are doing of entertainment not informing any more. It’s dangerous!

The universal culture is becoming a lump in fact.

Everybody has intent and this is ---they fancy.

The dramatization of the performance of the product is very important.

Only speed and daredevilry excites and request the consumer of an automobile in India.

How far is too much? What should and should not be exposed in an ad to not promote irresponsibility.
Is it the people on the other side of the road be responsible for their actions on the street?

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