Wednesday, March 26

Fragrance of Islam

Catastrophe has struck the philosphy that could have equalized this society. The faith, which could have opened the doors and carried the potential of espousing peace in this really bad world, has come to be known as the "providence of the same".Strange are the ways of the evil that hijacks the good.
No doubt the conference organised at Deoband was an attempt to define terrorism in light of Islam. Similar efforts should be recurring to advance greater understanding and cooperation.It is more about rules than doctrine. However, until and unless the people who give the verdict listen frankly to the people and gain a truthful and perfect understanding of this conflict, extremists on all sides will continue to gain ground.

Priests and mullahs might think that a beliefs from the past are the only ways to salvation.But that is like living in ignorance. The greatest danger of this age is ignorance .All misery, war, terrorism, hunger and other social evils have their roots in ignorance. Religion is not an answer to the troubles of life. The never-ending lust for positions of power in politicians numbs them to compromise on issues of extreme communal intolerance.

Encoded qualms can be checked upon my educating the Muslim. All orations should translate into action. Declaring terrorism an anti-Islamic act no doubt is a great fatwa but ethnic refining should take place simultaneously. finger pointing at Muslims should be stopped. Challenges for the world will only grow as long as Muslims continue to feel politically dominated and disregarded. Respect in cultural diversity is as important as oxygen for life.

Islam is a religion of mercy for all humanity. Islam sternly condemns all kinds of oppression, violence and terrorism. It has regarded oppression, mischief, rioting and murder among severest sins and crimes.

Muslims are too rigid in our adherence to old, literal interpretations of the Koran. It's time for many verses — especially those having to do with relations between Islam and other religions — to be reinterpreted in favour of a more modern Islam. It is the uneducated youth who are the gullible lot and can get swayed along the wrong path of violence. Having well educated youth will go a long way in changing their destiny, and empower them to stand up to the injustice meted out to them.
A two way effort of all stakeholders from government, clergies, business, society is must. It is the uneducated youth who are the gullible lot and can get swayed along the wrong path of violence. Having well educated youth will go a long way in changing their destiny, and empower them to stand up to the injustice meted out to them. Religion, media, academia, priveleged and civil society are requisite of the hour to block the crisis, create bond and find solutions for the disillusioned. For the common man religious dispute is not an issue they can relate to where there main concern is to resolve their daily life issues for their daily bread. We don't need masters of religious lexicon for this.
Religion cannot be the root cause of any conflict or violence and similarly those who indulge in violence cannot be truly religious. Incidents such as the cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in European newspapers are surely wicked. constantly bombardment of images of angry Muslim youth/kids being trained in Al Qaeda camps is dubious. It is not religious belief that has driven few Muslims to believe that the Sep 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington were justified but fears that the United States was seeking to occupy the Islamic world. No doubt this is a turbulent time and a rough period but at home the seminar can bring a ray of hope.

Do we or people who should know are aware of the recent research done on 21 countries of the world dominated by Muslims say? Who knows that the vast majority of young Muslims aren't dreaming of going to war but they are dreaming of better jobs and finding work. They are looking for respect not hatred in the world! They are looking for their rights! To show respect for the society one lives in and contribute to its well being.

Promotion of rationalism and cooperation among Muslims would lead in unity among them. Muslims should become more familiar with the Islamic viewpoints and scientific interactions.The Islamic world is in need of dialogue, unity and solidarity. Holding religious meetings among Ulema would decrease differences among Islamic sects and bring hearts of Muslims throughout the world closer to one another. Cultural figures and scholars of the Muslim should play a key role in preventing cultural invasion of enemies of Islam and prevalence of their "vicious" thoughts among young Muslims especially in universities of the Islamic states by promoting cultural, literary social dialogues and programmes.

A vibrant, tolerant and a fresh body should take on the task to confront the boggy of Islamophobia. Labeling as an extremist faith is a hindrance to the world peace. It's time to accept that God loves the faithful of all religions. It's time for Muslims to question our leaders and their strict teachings, to reach our own understanding of the prophet's words and to call for a bold renewal of our faith as a faith of goodwill, of peace and of light.

The Quran presents reminders, warnings and admonitions to its readers. In the manner that our loving parents teach us to protect us, Allah describes the best way for mankind to lead their lives, what to avoid lest we may be harmed and what to adopt. The Ummah has fallen into all sorts of destructive deeds It is time to ponder in ourselves what the solution to this crisis should be. Educating the masses? Eradicating poverty? Preaching tolerance?

The eerie quietness should be broken. We look at the current position of the world, the ongoing wars, oppression, suppression, human rights' violations, economic backwardness, illiteracy, aggressiveness, poverty, crime, ignorance and wonder… what went wrong?The answer to this question is difficult for many Muslims, partly because they are so detached from the Quran and they have little knowledge of their faith to begin with. Similar to the opinion of many Non-Muslims who are unaware of Islam's Message, these people feel Islam itself is the 'cause' of the problem. it is like blaming the gun not the shooter. We need to focus our energies where they are really needed, where we know we must strive hardest - within ourselves, on the individual and on the collective level. After all, it takes great courage and a high character, individual or national, to inspire… to lead.If we just open that Book and read the translation with an open mind, that answer is written all over! The world has yet to know the fragrance of Islam.


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