Sunday, July 31

Leopard killed in-front of Police,SDM and DFO in Mandwadi

                                    This photo is captured from Patrika
Another incident of man animal conflict and leopard goes to rest for ever. While news of the tragic attack on a leopard by the villagers is not a concern for the forest officials, hiding the facts have become a priority. 

The incident is of Mandawadi of Rajpur sub-Division on Saturday.The barbaric act and the ruthlessness of the villagers was captured on the Camera being instigated by the SDM and other administration present at the time of the incident.
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The Version of Forest as expected--It dived into the well and died of shock. Shame on all of us who are becoming inhuman and insensitive.

DFO Sendwa was present at the time of incident confirmed by DFO Barwani who was briefed about the incident after 5 hours after the death of the Leopard.

The fact is it died of stone pelting in the presence of Police, SDM and DFO as captured on TV crew of a local channel.The incident is of Khandwa Circle.
             Photo Of UDAI

The stories have been planted by the Forest department to save a face off gain. Will somebody question them on the Guidelines given by MOEF on Man Animal Leopard Conflict? Why were the guidelines not followed? Has the Madhya Pradesh wildlife wing ever considered briefing the lower staff and other on the Guidelines? Or Dr HS Pabla busy planning translocation instead of wildlife management and Conservation.

The Wildlife Wing of the MOEF has not parted with the details of Leopard since 2003 as not sufficed by Madhya Pradesh or the head office of the Wildlife Madhya Pradesh has data /Figures of casualties, deaths, births of Leopards as confirmed by them in writing to us.

We are anguished and sad.

Who is accountable for this tragedy? Why are leopards wandering from their habitat? A transparent inquiry with all facts to be shared with us is insisted along with the postmortem reports from the Chief Wildlife Warden of Madhya Pradesh. Suspending the lower staff will not suffice or close the case. The HOD should be made accountable.
In the last 5 years more than 125 Leopards have died, 85 through poachers, 11 man animal conflict 29 died due to natural deaths or illness.
 In 2004 the population was 1075 at present  in 2011 its estimated as 1073

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  2. No one has the to kill wild animal ...It should be properly intimated to forest officer regarding panther ..