Friday, June 3

What Baba Ramdev wants

What Baba Ramdev wants

  1.  Tough Lokpal Bill, with a provision for death sentence for the corrupt, especially corrupt officials
  2.  Immediate return of all black money stashed away in tax havens abroad to the country
  3.  Declaring all wealth in foreign countries being held illegally by Indians as national property and charging those with such accounts under the sedition laws
  4.  Abolishing Rs.1,000 and Rs.500 currency notes
  5.  Disabling the operations of any bank which belongs to a country that is a tax haven
  6.  Replacing the British-inherited system of governance, administration, taxation, education, law and order with a swadeshi alternative
  7. Reforming the electoral system to ensure that the Prime Minister is directly elected by people
  8. Ensuring that all citizens declare annually their incomes
  9. Bringing income-tax details under the Right to Information Act
  10. Increasing substantially the Minimum Support Price of grains
  11. Making wages of different categories of labourers uniform across the country
  12. Revoking the Land Acquisition Act, as farmers should not be deprived of their land for industry
  13.  Promoting Hindi at the expense of English.
1) Wikileaks' Assange says black money mainly comes from India CON not serious!

2) It's exactly 5 months to date, that Gurumurthy exposed Sonia's black money details. - NO Action!

3) IIM Prof Vaidyanathan estimated, Indians stashed away Rs 71,00,000,00,00,000 !! Have you ever heard PM losing sleep??

4) When Germany offered India, names of account holders in Liechtenstein based LTG bank, Indian Govt. slept. Not serious

5) India's underground economy is 42.8% of GDP AFTER 1991 liberalization,compared to 27.4% before. Don't blame high taxes!

6) 27.8% of India's underground economy is domestic black money. 72.2% is stashed abroad, which is even a bigger problem!

7) India's TOTAL external debt in 2008 was Rs.11,17,424,20,00,000. India's black money can repay that 6.35 TIMES!

8) A 2006 est showed India having $1,456 bn in Swiss accounts. More than Russia 470, UK 390, Ukraine 100 & China 96 combined

9) Linking major rivers in India would cost 5.6 lakh crores, avoiding droughts & floods. Black money is 12.68 TIMES that!

10) Switzerland has 1/3rd of the world's private secretive funds. US is openly pressurizing Swiss for details. India's mum

11) One of Switzerland's biggest bank, UBS, was forced to pay $800 mn fine for just 300 US secret accounts. India's silent

12) Even when BJP showed numbers, Sonia's ministers blamed BJP of 'fudging' numbers - not serious

13) There are 25000 frequent travelers from India to tax havens. Within hours,govt can check immigration details. They won't!

14) Direct plus indirect tax collection is 7.92 lakh cr /yr. If black money is recovered,GoI can give NINE yrs of tax holiday!

15) India is the ONLY major country in the world,that has more money underground (domestic + foreign) than its entire GDP!

16) 43.66 cr Indians live in extreme poverty (BPL). Every one of them can be given Rs.1,62,620 if black money is recovered.

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