Tuesday, December 21

Is the Panna Tiger case solved ?

Its a good news that three poachers who were accused of killing a tiger in March, have been arrested by the Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) officers. I still cant believe that the officers have caught them and have seized bones of the dead tiger from their possession. The PTR had lost all its native tigers by the commencement of 2009 as gathered form the report collected through RTI
The investigation which was on since 3 years and the last raid conducted at Barhu village in Devendranagar range of North Panna division on sunday was fruitful as claimed by the Officers. The confiscation of tiger bones from the house of Mijaji Gond and the search party also found parts of a sambhar from the houses of Ishwardin Singh and Munni Lal Tiwari.
During interrogation the arrested admitted that they had poached a tiger in March this year.what a coincidence, this is exactly written in the MP Panna report. The poachers also confirms selling the tiger skin with an aim of destroying evidences. Mijaji and other co-accused burnt the carcass of the tiger at Pattalia Seha on the banks of river Baghin. After collecting bones from the spot Mijaji  took them home. Surprisingly the forest officials  recovered the partially burnt remains of the tiger also  and other bones from the scene.
PTR Field Director RS Murthy further informed that a hunt has been launched to nab the other accused and they expect to get success in the matter shortly. The poachers were produced in the court after a case was registered against them under relevant sections of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.
We should not miss what the locals from Panna  claim" the striped feline killed by the poachers could be the same one, whose pugmarks were located in Pahadikhera area, situated in North Panna division in November last year. "At the same time, a male-striped cat translocated to the PTR had also disappeared from the park, but was later brought back.
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