Wednesday, October 27

Panna Poison

The tigress in Bandhavgarh (Tala Zone) Close to {Kathli Beat}is safe although was poisoned by Villager who has been caught. Samples have been taken and sent for a report.

Tigress Aamnullahwali Sherni, was allegedly poisoned by local villager, allegedly poisoned by a resident of Malagaon — a village bordering the reserve — after it killed one of his goats. The Tigress had killed and eaten a portion of the goat and left the rest near a bush to have it later. Burman the Villager found the carcass and laced it with poison to take revenge.
The vomit samples have been sent to the forensic laboratory in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. The reports, are awaited.

The Villager-Burman is in judicial custody, prosecuted  under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act  which are non-bailable.. However  villagers are siding him and doubting the intentions of the officers. According to them the tigress got caught in the wire fencing put up by the forest department.

Again i say "Poison" Akdrin should be researched by the forest officers who are lethargic on the issue of Panna Poison.

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  1. Blimey Shehla, which tigress? Do they think she will survive?