Wednesday, August 4

Patrolling the Tiger Land is anti wildlife.

Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Department is anti wildlife protection act. This can be substantiated by Madhya Pradesh new scheme "Patrolling the Tiger Land” to be launched with the new session in October 2010.

The department is not ready to learn any lessons from the Jhurjura Murder. This incident has occurred in the core area of Bandhavgarh National Park despite it being one of the most well managed National Parks in the country. The incident occurred as the "Tourism "is permitted in the Core / Critical tiger habitat areas. The Forest officers are ready to destroy the status of “Tiger State” of my State Madhya Pradesh for tourism and personal interests. Any lay person understands the scientific and objective criterion of this requirement but unfortunately who will make the Madhya Pradesh Forest department understand.

Under the Patrolling the Tiger Land scheme, tourists will be able to trek forests along with patrolling parties in the national parks in the state so that they can have a real experience of wildlife and flora and fauna, official sources said today. The tourists national park/sanctuary will be provided with a patrolling party/trek by the range officer concerned or any other competent authority, they said, adding the tourists would be able to go into deep jungles accompanied by patrolling party. Tourists will be allowed to carry food and drinking water with them. They will have to pay vehicle entry fees as per rules apart from separate charges for trekking the forest along with the patrolling party, they said. Only four tourists will be allowed to accompany a patrolling party and they will be allowed to take rest in the camps of the forest department.
While the whole world is engaged in saving the nature and tigers under Dr H. S Pabla as the Chief Wild Life Warden is hell bent to make the Forest reserve and the National parks an area for circus. There is a difference between a Zoo and a National PARK. If the aim of activities is to entertain, rather than educate tourists, this is complete belittle or humiliate the local people. Can anybody take a guarantee of a place it cannot be overrun with photographers and tourist in safari vehicles all jostling for the best position around a bemused Tiger pride or leopard in a tree? This decision by the forest department indicates that priority is tourism, not conservation. It is also very naive to think that any wild animal will stand around to give photo opps to tourists on foot. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra are three states where most tourist flock to see wildlife especially tigers. So??

Delineating/notifying the buffer areas as per the provision of the Wildlife (Protection Act, 1972 are still pending from the state. Identifying/notifying of the core /critical tiger habitat is also pending from the state. There is none to solicit their intervention from top to bottom for ensuring statutory requirements in the interest of the Tiger conservation. Eco tourism ensures the survival of the attractions of the nature and culture, without harming the resources. It promotes the preservation of wildlife and the natural habitats. 

Wildlife tourism in this country is increasing rapidly like a wildfire. Every year more and more visitors are coming to this country to explore its various wildlife parks and sanctuaries and treasure unique lifetime. Tour operators and business developers are running the resorts near the national parks and destroying then balance. This scheme is being launched as the answer to the refusal for his personal tourism project which he wants to be executed along with his foreign business partners in South Africa. Tour operators and resort owners lead the Forest Department by its nose.

Immediately  we need to look into the following points.
Where is the Detailed project report of the Patrolling the Tiger Land. For any Government initiative a report is to be submitted.
Will somebody answer where will the Profits go? To foreign companies, such as tour operators and hotel chains, rather than to the local community. In the name of infrastructure promotion important projects for local communities are side-lined as infrastructure developments are more focused on tourists. Pollution and disruption to wildlife habitats and wildlife behavior will surely occur. Environmental damage will be on rampant..Most of the tourists are not sensitive and once started, selective permit is out of question. Increasing quality petrolling is one thing, but adding fun/entertainment to this serious cause is something not at all appreciated Roads and tracks for safari jeeps will erode grass cover, damaging plant and animal’s species and disturbing local habitats. The removal of vegetation for the construction of roads will lead to increased soil erosion. Economic inequality will be on the rise, persons who will benefit most from the profits of tourism will not be local people but wealthy landowners, politicians, babus or the hotel and travel companies. Cutting down trees provides timber for safari lodges and fuel for cooking - but also leads to ecosystem damage through soil erosion .Are we serious about our mother nature or greed will not end. Won’t there be water cycle damage? Diverting water for tourists can leave local aquifer and water reserves exploited - leaving local people, plants and animals short of water. Tourist hotels are the ones responsible for water pollution as a result of waste dumping into rivers.

The same Babu is also responsible for the Panna Genocide. He wants hunting to be legal in the national parks.

I along with 2500 group members demand that immediately the execution of the scheme be stopped and the habitat should be well managed and conserved without interference from hungry hotel industry which will destroy the ecological balance and finally loss of Habitat. This project will be disastrous for the animals plus impact on the ecology of the core area with untrained humans.

Wake up friends

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