Tuesday, June 1

Report of the Member Secretary, NTCA on Jurjhuria Tigress Death in Bandhavgarh

Report of the Member Secretary, NTCA 

As directed, the undersigned visited the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (MP) on 31st May 
and 1st June, 2010 to ascertain the factual status regarding the recent mortality of a 
tigress. The factual status/ observations based on interactions with the CCF and Field 
Director, staff and wildlife enthusiasts/ tour operators, besides site visit are as below: 

1. The tigress was a resident, breeding animal at ‘Jhurjhura’ (Tala Range) 
which forms part of the core/ critical tiger habitat.  
2. The tigress, alongwith its 3 cubs (around 6 months old) has been 
intensively photographed/ seen/ monitored by the park management and 
visitors. The said tigress has also been captured by the research team from 
the Wildlife Institute of India in its data collection process using camera 
3. The tigress was last seen by visitors and photographed on 17-05-2010 
during the forenoon, besides sighting by tourists in the evening till 5 PM 
(Jhurjhura dam) 
4. On 18-05-2010 the tigress was not seen in its usual area (Jhurjhura dam). 
5. The tigress was used to viewing by visitors and there are no reports of the 
animal showing any aggressive behavior. 
6. The day-to-day record of vehicular entry (tourist vehicles) is maintained 
by the park management at the main entry point (Tala). 
7. It is learnt that 3 Govt. vehicles (2 belonging to the park management and 
1 outsourced by the CEO, Zila Panchayat, Umaria) entered the park in 
the late afternoon on 18-05-2010. Besides, 2 park vehicles also went inside 
for the routine patrolling works from Tala to Kallwah which did not pass 

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