Sunday, June 27

Draft Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill 2010

The trade in tiger skins and derivatives will not stop until the Indian government puts wildlife crime high up on the agenda and the punishment for such crime considerably more that just 10,000 IRS which is equivalent to meager sum of just 145 GBP-not much for the poachers to pay when the rewards for tiger parts are sky high. In addition just 3 years for taking the lives of these magnificent animals is no real deterrent.

Anew Draft Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill is produced in June 2010.

In continuation of its efforts to strengthen wild life protection in India, the MoEF has prepared a Draft Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill 2010. This Bill, which is the product of extensive consultations with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, is intended to greatly strengthen the existing provisions for penalties, traps, criminal procedure etc. Comments on the Draft Bill are invited.

All comments may be mailed to by 7th of July 2010.

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