Friday, April 2

Urban Development Minister Babu Lal Gour wants to demolish the Historical buildings of Bhopal and make parking lotss and give benefits to a "politician" so athat he raise a Sky scrapper in Old Bhopal and Kill environment..
Suffering from old senile decay!
Damn It..

Is this called beautification and urban development?

Instead OF preserving the old Heritage he wants to erase them and the history.

How long this will go on/ when will we all wake up and raise our voice ? when will we have a Visionary/
He wants to Demolish Sheesh Mahal , Old Post Office and Jumerati Gate in Bhopal.

He cannot Do this!

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  1. Bhopal is builders place now. Everything is money and builders run the show. Gaur will destroy these three heritages for parking but later some one will build a complex ! See how they have killed chota talab. They are filling it up no one spoke. Now heritage buildings, and they are also planning to ruin khanugaon