Saturday, April 24

Pot calling the kettle black in IPL.

IPL began with the bang. Movie stars, Singers, Cheer leaders, Industrialists, Politicians, Cricket players..Bureaucrats. Champagne on ice! Cricketers were auctioned for thousands of crores. The nami and the benami team owners en-cashed to every bit.
After the expose the filth is stinking and the stench is unbearable for many political and industarialists. The Political maneuvering is in full swing. Conflict of interests is being witnessed. An unparalleled scam in the history of India is settling.
The perfect ending is yet to be witnessed. Pawar and Modi's conversation on IPL bidding deals were recorded along with three political leaders. National Technical Research Organisation, an intelligence agency created after the Kargil war was assigned the job.
IPL has created all halla gulla for the ending as well. Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier League Lalit Modi have agreed to step down from his post. Opposition parties are demanding Joint Parliamentary Committee probe. What for? Land deals between Modi and Vasundhara Raje in Jaipur are under IT scanner as the law was tweaked to facilitate
Aviation minster clash of interest in IPL. Mr. Praful Patel's daughter pulled out scheduled AI flight for IPL
The final of the third IPL began with the bombs in Bangalore and ended with allegations of match-fixing.
We all have witnessed the collapse of Corporate Governance. The cricketing extravaganza was nothing but the pitfalls of modernism and consumerism at its peak. Sporting talent, business acumen and uninhibited entertainment with no boundaries. Is this the neo-liberal economics?

Politicians hand in gloves with the Industrialist and Industrialist cum Politicians expose. Income tax raids on industrialists, IPL office commissioners but none of the politicians. Today Jay Mehta challenges allegations of proxy holdings.
Income tax officials reportedly stated: "During IPL, the match fixing and betting racket has scaled new heights." The source was quick to add that the 'princes' of Indian cricket – Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly – were not involved, placing the emphasis on overseas players
Politics mixed with investigation motivated by vested agenda. he he .IPL will be remembered for sleaze, slush and slime.IPL is still oozing out from the scandal.
The best are our Leaders (Pot calling the kettle black). And the dumbest are the citizens/taxpayers.
Friends a compromise formula has been worked out. Shashank Manohar told Lalit Modi he has to resign or step down. As the IT dept, the DRI, the CBDT and including the CBI has been knocking on the BCCI doors and the BCCI is under investigation from all fronts. The BCCI has given in to Lalit Modi’s threats and carrot and stick method.But a defiant Lalit Modi would like to dictate terms to the BCCI vis-à-vis his exit.
We the citizens/taxpayers again taken for a ride! Now in the name of cricket where it is treated as religion.
Jai ho Bharat Mahan

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