Tuesday, April 20

Municipal Corporation Bhopal officers misbehave with the Zari Centre girls and women

Ms Upma Rai

Madhya Pradesh Women Commission

Sub- Misbehavior, Mishandling, Illegal trespassing, harassing and threatening by Mr. Bakshi of encroachment cell and Mr. Bedeker Asst Commissioner along with the team of Nagar Nigam. Bhopal on Date 19/4/2010 in
the Zari Center. Sheesh Mahal. Bhopal.

Respected Madam,

As the Chairperson was unavailable to meet we submit our grievance with you.

Mr. Bakshi, Mr. Baedeker of Nagar Nigam Bhopal on Date 19/4/2010. Along with 18 men forcibly entered the Zari Centre Sheesh Mahal Bhopal at 3; 30 pm. (Photos and Video Attached of Btv)

When asked to produce a written order, they could not do so as they had none with them. Mr. Baedker and Mr. Bakshi not only misbehaved but threatened the inmates and the Zari center members and workers of dire consequences in case of non-cooperation. The Government officers manhandled the women and girls.

These men at the instruction of the higher authorities and political bigwigs residing in Sheesh Mahal misbehaved with the adolescent girls and old ladies working in the Zari center. They pushed the women around and threatened them to vacate the premises.

They threw away the sewing machines, tables, Sofas, and Addas where zari work was going on. They broke the equipments meant for survival of the zari work in Bhopal. It’s through the “ adda” the culture of zari has survived and the Zari centre.

Adda is the soul of the ZAARI culture.

The Sheesh Mahal is part of the khirniwala maidan complex. It was constructed in times of Nawab Sikander Begum of Bhopal to accommodate the
state guests who visited Bhopal on royal visits. It is the building where Iqbal the poet wrote his masterpieces dedicated to the nation. This royal guest house was the residence of celebrated poet Fazal Tabhish of Bhopal.

The building houses the old art school of Bhopal of Zari Zardosi established by Nawab Sultan Jehan Begum of Bhopal. The zari centre was stared in 1954 Copies of the society registration attached. Till date more than 30,000 girls have been given trained since 1954.

At present there are 38 girls who are earning their living through hard labour without any govt. support. This is a conspiracy of the few Govt officers and Political leaders to de-stabilize the Zari center being operated since 1954 for their hateful purposes and to serve their self-interest.

Strict action should be taken against these officers and an FIR should be lodged. Its noteworthy that when we had approached Thana the FIR was not lodged against these Officers and the subordinates for misbehaving with women , forcibly entering the centre, breaking the furniture and equipments. Police refused to register the FIR /letter.

We have collected the details through RTI Act of the 13 houses, banks and offices which are allotted by PWD (Copy Attached.)

How can Zari center be an encroachment as told by Mr. Bedeker and Mr Bakshi of Nagar Nigam who were leading the team yesterday? They came with anti encroachment squad and 3 vehicles Photos /Video Attached

The illegal work which is going on , running illegal printing press in the Government House, Illegally using vacant Sheesh Mahal quarters for parking their Cars and Scorpio Jeep should be checked by one of the tenant.

Why the PWD Department has closed their eyes to this House?

Out of the 13 houses only one house gets the budgets for renovation. Is Sheesh Mahal private property? Why are the resident of all the 13 houses not being treated equally? Is the PWD Department l of Bhopal or a personal property of One Resident on whose name the house is being allotted till he dies?

What Justice and System is prevailing? Are we living in a cattle field Even Jungle has a law? Women inside the office premises and houses are being mishandled and threatened in the broad lay light by none other than the Government Officers who will take a notice of it?

Yesterday’s incident is shameful blot on Nagar Nigam. We want suspension of the guilty and a Departmental Official enquiry this issue. These girls and ladies who have been ill-treated observe strict “PARDA”. The Nagar Nigam Commissioner should be summoned immediately and a strict Action is needed on the law offenders by the uphollders of the law in the City.


Shehla Masood                                 Mr Akhtar
 Bhopal Heritage Foundation          ( Zari Centre)

Chairperson Central women Commission.N. Delhi
Chief Minister Madhya Pradesh. Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan
CC- Mr.Babu Lal Gaur. Minister Urban Administration & Development, Madhya Pradesh
Shri. Nagendra Singh Nagaud . Minister. Public Work Department. Madhya Pradesh.
Mr. Uma Shankar Gupta. Home Minister. Madhya Pradesh
BCC – PS. Urban administration and Development Madhya Pradesh
PS. Public Work Department. Madhya Pradesh
Commissioner Nagar Nigam.Mr. Manish Singh .
DGP.Madhya Pradesh. Mr. SK Raut