Thursday, January 28

Aman ki Asha: Salamat rahe ye dostana humara

It’s been ages since the conflict between the neighbors began. The two neighboring countries India and Pakistan are still at unease as were ages before. Parallel efforts to resolve this years old war are constantly been made to reduce the differences from both the ends.

It’s been an ongoing process along with the erupting turmoil’s.

The two leading media houses of India and Pakistan – The Times of India and the Jang Group – have come together to develop a stronger diplomatic and cultural relations between India and Pakistan. “Aman ki Asha: Destination Peace” Is it a never ending process which is looking beyond the limitations of a 62-year-old political frontier? What is it that ties together the two peoples?

Will this a dream to live past the decades of suspect, enmity and insult? Peace is critical ….
Where will we get to because of the primal bonds that tie together the two? The two main protagonists of the Word Wars shared religion, race and sovereigns but again they can easily be hit by a cricket Ball.

Most of us want the love affair to last and thrive. Nobody wants to look at the quixotic ventures, national interest for commercial gains? Is it another new lease of life in betterment of relations between Indians & Pakistanis? The theme is indubitably laudable: 'Aman ki Asha' (Hope for Peace).

Music transcends barriers of language, culture and creed. If it is so so let’s play it.

TV Actor Shakeel Yousuf Kamal is in Bhopal on personal visit .To energies the process of restoring peace and advance the Aman Ki Asha mission lets see how the Bhopal media takes it! Even as the governments of the two countries engage each other in fits and starts the initiatives

"Yeh Khuda ka kanoon hai, yeh rab kar raha hai, aap dua farmai…”

Salamat rahe dostana hamara!

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