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Politics of narrow self interest to prevent a policy for human survival."Copenhagen Accord ".

At first it was difficult to know who had come off the worst: the scientists whose emails were published, or the bloggers who disgraced the academics, describing “climategate” as “the greatest scandal in modern science” and branding the research unit “disgraced”.

And now the Deal. A Copenhagen Accord = politics and economical interests minus solidarity, collaboration and science.

Finally the ongoing circus in Copenhagen venerating the global warming religion offers a front row seat to human folly at its finest. A naked, world class shakedown of the naïve political class retreating in their imagined fears of climate doom, by the dependency class of third world countries, the Copenhagen carnival collapses under the unbearable weight of fraud, folly and foolishness

We have been made to understand that the Earth’s average temperature changes frequently though time as does the atmospheric CO2 content. The sages of the research unit stood up with their theories and claimed that recent observations regarding climate change are still geologically well within the bounds of very normal for our planet. Few shielded themselves from the hail of blows for allegedly using methods which are questionable for their theories as advocates continue to use ice core data suggesting CO2 is causing temperature rises when this was long ago shown to be false.

On the other hand the basis for COP15 and other past climate agreements is based on the proof that CO2 in the atmosphere causes warming and that we are at, or already have, passed the point of no return such that atmospheric levels of CO2 will cause considerable warming with all the attendant problems—sea level rise, weather changes etc.

Where do greenhouse gas emissions come from?

Which countries are most responsible for causing human-induced climate change?

What have governments done so far to keep the global average temperature rise within "safe limits"?

The science of climate change became a lot more polarized over the past five years and last 20 day’s it got decidedly worse. As the UN summit in Copenhagen approached things went not as expected. We witnessed the turmoil inside and outside, the two-week summit which limped to a conclusion despite some hailing the Copenhagen Accord as “historic”.

We witnessed politics of narrow self interest to prevent a policy for human survival. Struggle with the developed and emerging countries at a log jam…. The COP15 meeting in Copenhagen lacked the care and pure approach of science but beleaguered and compromised by politics and money.

The nonaligned and unbiased approach necessary in science has is replaced with almost a religious fervor that seeks a particular finding at almost any cost including carefully choosing exactly what facts are used.The scientists of various countries of the world involved appeared gritty to use their status. Those with a different opinion could not untie and are subject to having their reputations questioned.

Ghossssssh.. One only has to look around at this Summit—full of lobbyists with check books. The original hypothesis that carbon and other “green house gas” emissions is causing the Earth to warm began as a scientific endeavor, but now appears to have evolved into a political matter where the science is playing second fiddle to other motives. And the reason why it is political and a mess, frankly, may be found in the root of modern politics—money.

The public ….. understandably confused. A recent poll showed that 41% accept as scientific fact that global warming is taking place and is largely man-made, while 32% believe the link is unproven and 15% said the world is not warming.At the moment it’s just frustration and stonewalling all round. If you ask anyone associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ,they tell you to wait for their next five-yearly assessment report.

No wonder the public is confused, Working scientists grumpy about the unfairness, journalists with a choice between waiting for the occasional tablet of stone from the keepers of the global warming flame….This polarisation means that a considered view on global warming is much harder to achieve, so in the end people simply go for the belief that feels right for them.

If the high priests of global warming want to convince us that we could face a man-made rise of 4C in the global temperature this century, then they have to engage with their critics instead of hiding away in their ivory towers. It may be that discussing the science is irrelevant now so far as COP15 is concerned What is required and long overdue is a full and independent audit of climate science and the models used so that the scientists can once again be confident they are operating with accurate information.

Full and independent audit and debate around the science is needed.We have come a long way, but we have much further to go.. master scheme to monopolize and limit production around the world and charge people for the right to do so.

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