Friday, August 21

Talak Talak Talak

It is very tempting to describe Jaswant Singh's unceremonious expulsion from the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Talak ..Talak ..Talak.

The BJP’s treatment of Jaswant Singh only brings the Chand Fiza affair back to my mind.
Chand Mohammad place has been taken by Rajnath Singh and poor Jaswant Singh has been left to fend himself so much like Fiza aka ….

The media off course is unbiased and is giving as much time to Jaswant Singh as was given to Chand and Fiza.

Chand loved Fiza and Fiza loved Chand. Our Hanuman turned Ravana loves Jinnh the only difference is the Jaswant Jinnah love affair can turn sour only if the BJP gives Jaswant Singh PM in waiting tag. 2014 Singh in that case make give an explanation that he had not been able to distribute the opium to his quests because of the bloody media and was forced to consume the whole stock him self and that is the time the Jinnah Affair started.

A facetious way to look at the expulsion is to call it a telephone breakup of the kind teenagers engage in these days thanks to mobile phones. Dispelling Jaswant Singh over telephone.. Shows evolution is needed. loll

On the other note my dear friends don’t you think this as a blatant example of the culture of intolerance of independence of thought that runs through India's political class.
What does this show ? Isn’t this merely one political party's inability to define itself? Otherwise what?

Inspite being in the party for all of those 30 years, it is barely evident whether the party was with him in those decades. Jaswant Singh managed this dichotomy much less successfully than his more illustrious mentor Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Again, which is to be noticed is “Prudence” by the forbearer of the BJP. More doctrinaire members of the party need a Chintan. Their role in the p[arty is “ Unambiguous”. With the retirement of Vajpayee it was only a matter of time.. The hardliners strike once again and modernization tolerance raises questions.

Lal Krishna Advani tempted fate by doing so once but escaped justice because of his RSS roots. There was no way Singh could have survived in the aftermath of the book.

On a more serious note this Book underscores a lack of evolution within the BJP leadership which is grappling with a serious identity crisis.

Jaswant Singh in his book demonstrates the boldness to be an impartial historian and not a party demagogue. When Singh says that if India does not watch out it would enter a "dark alley" by boiling dispute and discouraging honest intellectual reflection over its history's most traumatic phases he is not wrong.

One can legitimately describe the book as the proverbial last straw that broke the camel's back but it is a serious illustration of which has gripped the BJP.

The book is not going to change the history. The leaders who want to rule us should understand that they have to wake up from the slumber and to be reintroduced to 2009.

The youth of this country need not be told the explanation of secularism.

Banning books won’t lead us anywhere. Jaswant Singh strongly has contested the popular Indian view of most of us that Jinnah was the villain of the 1947 partition. Let’s be honest! We have been taught. A person who is the man principally responsible for partition is Jinnah.

Asked if he thought this view was wrong, Jaswant Singh said: "It is. It is not borne out of the facts... we need to correct it.". Singh's intellectual inquiries and assessments as an author are hardly an impediment. What is chintan baithak than for?

India needs to challenge lazy certainties of established wisdoms.The book of Jaswant Singh also questions the wisdom of Indians who hesitate. …The cold Shimla weather did create hot waves for the veteran BJP leader.

But…we don’t need to create more demons for our country. We have a long way to go... do we have a Ram ban coming our way and the celebration of Diwali.

So… lets wait and watch .. Cheers !!

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