Thursday, June 18

Gang rape in Bhopal. Its a shame

Gang rape in Bhopal! Yes..... This news was spreading like fire in the jungle. The city was shocked. This was unbelievable.. Last night around 9 pm hrs last night a woman and her husband, who came here to visit Sant Asaram Bapu Ashram at Gandhi Nagar area here from Mumbai, asked for a lift from a SUV. There were a total of four people, including driver, in the vehicle. After giving the couple a lift, one of the accused pointed gun at her husband's head and criminally assaulted the woman. The victim identified the vehicle as a black SUV but had failed to note its number. The couple was abandoned in a lonely place. The couple had complained about the crime to the Gandhi Nagar police station. The victim was admitted to a hospital and case was registered against the offenders who were at large, police said.
It is a shame for the city.

In the last two years I have heard and read stories if Rape, Eve teasing, Chain snatching
Car and bike theft so often and most of the time the police are clueless. Woman raped in MP police station- Minor girl raped by cousin, assaulted by father in Bhopal,Woman raped on board Pushpak Train ,Dowry accused was gang raped in custody ,Woman accuses Crime branch team of gang , A policeman was sent to jail by a local court in connection with the gang-rape of a minor girl in a police station in Panna district .I can go on and on .. these are the regular headline nowdays of the city newspapers. But none have gone further ahead from just printing.

Its a shame that MP is the no 1 state in crimes against women. If we looks look into the problem deeper.. we can realize a phenomenon for urban violence which has grown in percents every year over the last ten years.'violent crime has increased in recent years in Bhopal city.
Homicide, infanticide, assault, rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence now make up between 25 and 30 percent. Urbanization with large scale poverty, deprivations and environmental degradation is seen. While urbanization in the city has allowed large sections of society to partake in the fruits of development, increasingly, urbanisation has led to extreme overcrowding and congestion with the marked deterioration of the quality of life of the lives of the residents of the city.

We are overlooking to a statement since long. “It is the urban poor who are the main instigators and perpetrators of violence and crime in the city”. Is debatable and there is a strong belief in this bias. And it is this prejudice that has often hindered any attempt to get to the heart of the problem of either poverty or crime and violence, in our city

Urbanization, rapid economic liberalization, growing mass political disorder, violent conflict and inappropriate and inadequate policies, inappropriate policing, corrupt police , corruption, Nepotism , no fear of law , government making mockery of laws on the behest of politicians personal interest , are amongst the numerous complex factors that have contributed to higher and growing levels of crime in the city.

'Crime is an act punishable by law, i.e., it is the breach of a legal prohibition'. Not all crime entails violence . petty theft, white collar crime are such examples. Violence, on the other hand, is the undue exercise of physical and emotional/psychological which is evident in Bhopal cases.The victimization rates for crimes against women is very high I feel in Bhopal.

Very little initiatives have been taken by residents of cities and government to provide mechanisms which ensure the safety of all citizens. Nothing has been done on Safety and Crime Prevention. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister in Aug 12 2008 had announced the women policy in which there would be a “proper mechanism” to curb violence and crime against themwomen. “Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, while chairing a cabinet meeting, endorsed the proposed new Women Policy - 2008-12 for the state which aimed at ensuring total and dignified participation of women in the development process and integrating them with the mainstream of development,”.Other objectives of the policy which were claimed, included providing protection to women in every field, their empowerment and ensuring result-oriented implementation of the various policies, programmes and schemes for their welfare.
The Police department of Madhya Pradesh has made a mockery of the policie by not impementing along with the women and child department. Fifteen days back reviewing the progress of activities of Woman and Child Development Departmen it was claimed that 12 announcement of the CM were implemented. Introducing gender budgeting in 21 departments aswell.
Where is the policy which is an effective curb on sexual harassment of women at work place? and the guidelines of the Supreme Court in this regard ?
hello! what about the safety and security of us? i cant hear,even a faint voice!
We should see how Japan is curbing crime. Japan is probably the only country in the world whose crime rates are falling. Much of this success is due to a vast network of community-based, crime control organizations operating in neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. The Crime Prevention Associations have , local liaison units; Juvenile Guidance , volunteer co-operators, the Women's Association for Rehabilitation volunteers and the Voluntary Probation Officers Association has members.. so on so forth .

Can’t we have some members and the committees?
Police, Government and Citizens should come together to solve the issues. the situation concerning crime and violence in the city is undergoing huge change, almost as i speak. The rate of crime and violence in comparison with other regions, is likely to change for the worse. The economic, social and human progress that engulfed this region for has tattered. The possible scenario is likely to be misery and social and political turmoil. Hence, it seems that the city is for a transformation that does not bode well for its citizens. Perhaps there could be no better opportunity to forge links between citizens and their governments, particularly, local/municipal government.

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  1. Help educate your own Muslim brethren against eve teasing,leaching and eying Hindu girls.
    But one can empathise with them to some extent as they come from a sexually repressed part of society.