Sunday, May 17

Youth is the Power

He may be the clear winner from Gandhinagar constituency but lost the bigger fight that his family and party members heavily overindulged in. Both -age and people of India were not on his side.

His last attempt to get nations top job in the twilight of his five-decade old career has ended even, if he has succumbed to his party men for retaining the post of the opposition leader.

The battle between the ideology …..??

Advani ji had lost the script somewhere in the compulsion of coalition politics that catapulted Vajpayee. Attempts to change the position- into the secular mode- left the BJP leader with no clear identity of his own the people say.

It started off with his 2005 Pakistan visit where he praised Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The new avatar of Advaniji also put the cause of the Ram temple on the backburner….

He breathed new life given by his party and was made the prime ministerial candidate due to Mr. Atal Vajpayee ill health.

Leaving no stone unturned reached out to every nook and cranny of the country, traveling more than 60,000-odd km challenging the scorching heat nearly 40 degrees Celsius, he lifted weights and bent himself in cyberspace.

The hard-line campaign by Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, who was expected to pull in votes, actually turned out to be counter-productive. Varun Gandhi's strident message.. the campaign against terror went over the top.. factionalism, local factors cant be missed…
He made a made a very strong case for himself continuously out bursting against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, calling him weak and subservient to Congress president Sonia Gandhi. But it didn’t work…

Succumbing to the party men and claims of BJP not an individual centric party he agrees for the post of Leader of opposition till hoe long is another question..

Prime Minister in waiting .... just to think of 2011 elections we look at an 86 year old man and a 48 years old youth . He clearly failed to recreate the magic of Vajpayee who had bestride the political spectrum like a colossus. Claim

Voters have cast their mandate. The voters have surprised the poll pundits ,exit poll experts and offcourse the media who argued , asserted .

I feel on has always failed, time and again, to appreciate the maturity of our voters.” YOUTH POWER”.

This election will be remembered for JUST ONE REASON -for making more than 200 million young voters, under the age of 25, eligible to cast their votes.

The young Turks would vote for-for an aged LK Advani, who has been clinging to his life ambition or Rahul Gandhi, a youth of not much political experience?? Today’s youth, like in all ages, look up to somebody they can identify themselves with. The people have been clear when delivering their verdict—that they want accountability in return of the faith they have reposed on their representative

With 79 MPs under 40 years of age and 36 members who are at least 70 years old, the 15th Lok Sabha is a fine blend of youth and experience.
These elections witnessed voters who are also progressively maturing.. Proving anti-incumbency is no longer a fate accompli in an era when alliances fall apart at the slightest hint of a threat.

The Delhi Assembly election, not too long back, is a case in point. Despite the Mumbai attack & anti-terrorist rhetoric from the BJP, Delhi voters elected the Government on its past.

Wise think no single individual can call himself strong and decisive lest it offends its coalition partners.:) The Prime Minister in waiting Belongs to an old school of politics. He undermined the role to his own team-his coalition partners and the youth... The electorate, like Omar Abdullah said, “decided that the present PM is strong enough, and that the stronger alternative portrayed by the BJP was not strong enough!”

Left is left out and everybody is left out :) The new Lok Sabha has the highest number of women MPs ever elected in to the Lok Sabha, a higher number of under-40 members compared with the last,

Ram Sundar Das (88), the giant-killing JD(U) MP from Hajipur who defeated Ram Vilas Paswan, is the oldest member of the House while 26-year-old Muhammed Hamdulla Sayeed, the Congress MP from Lakshadweep, is the youngest

The representation of women members has crossed the 10% mark for the first time in Indian history.There are 12.2% women MPs elected from reserved seats while only 10.2% of the general MPs are women. At 58, the 15th Lok Sabha has 13 more women MPs than the last House and nine more than the previous best of 49 in the 13 Lok Sabha.

Invent India.
no shackles for 5 years.

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