Friday, April 10

Shoe throwing is momentary lapse of intelligence

Throwing shoes at politicians seems to have become a trend of sorts with a boot being hurled at former US President George Bush by an Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi.

There were times, when people use to make a garland of shoes and make the person wear it, blacken his face and make him sit over a donkey take this procession in the whole village. Now with changing times the old tradition is replaced by shoe throwing.

The trend… it seems has finally arrived in India. If I can recall 2004 was about India Shining, 2007 was about Modi masks and now 2009 is about shoe hurling.

A second objectionable incident of its kind in a week shows shoes are arresting the democracy of India. Congress MP Navin Jindal was made the target by a retired teacher in his own constituency. Ram Kumar, a retired school principal, however, missed his target. The retired teacher said he is doing so in protest of the policies of the Congress.

Earlier this week, a Sikh journalist Jarnail Singh had hurled a shoe at Union Home Minister P Chidambaram at a press conference in Delhi protesting against the CBI clean chit to Congress candidate Jagdish Tytler in an anti-Sikh riots case.

We all feel for the political state of our country.. but aren't we responsible for it? The aggression is justified. Throwing shoes will not lead us anywhere.. wrong is wrong..the electing of our Representatives is our concern and should remain but not just when the election are close. Embarrassed by the shoe hurling incident and pressurised from various areas the Congress no doubts was forced to withdraw the candidatures of Mr. Tytler and Mr. Kumar in view of strong public sentiment against them for their alleged involvement in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots but shoe throwing was unprecedented.
The general consensus of the public clearly affirms unless instigated by politicians there can never be communal riots.We have the right to voice our resentment but on time. Unless we all bond together we will be a witness to such more barbarian acts. We will have no answers for the next generation.

Elections or no elections, the seriousness of the issues must not die down. Its been more than 60 years we have gained independence. We have not bothered to care. That is why we are unable to reap the results of democracy. The dogmas of the political masters should be wrecked. We have to be proactive.

If we do not open our eyes now, then it will be too late for introspection. I don’t care if none of our so called leaders ever wake up to do the right . lets care first.. We must not allow parties and politicians who serve their political purpose by dividing people on communal lines. Lets vote for a good candidate.

Every shoe dosent work. ..

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  1. I also think the shoe throwing incidents that have started taking place in India over the politicians, particularly during elections time, are quite bizarre and inappreciable.But I find few reasons behind the occurrence of events: 1. representatives of particular constituency does not visit to his/her electorate after the election; 2.the increasing injustice and delayed redressal to them have made the victims hopeless;3. global economic slow down and increasing unemployment among youth are worsening the situation and making it volatile; 4. increased price rise to basic commodities, though inflation is very low. the economic and other policies pursued by successive governments at the center are solely responsible for that.