Tuesday, March 17

Need an apology from Varun Gandhi.

Varun Gandhi!! Not an ordinary breed.. But who has been ruling our country … produces a youngster.. Today it raises eyebrows.

The 29-year-old son of Maneka and late Sanjay Gandhi is contesting his maiden Lok Sabha election from Pilibhit constituency

On Sunday he was served a notice by the district authorities in Pilibhit to reply to the Election Commission about violating the model code of conduct in two days.

The offensive remark captured by a TV channels drew the attention of the local authorities. This is what the scion of the separated Gandhi family is stating and asking people to cheer.

Few slogans for you read….
"Gau hatya rukwana hai, Varun Gandhi ko jitana hai"
(Cow slaughter must stop, Varun Gandhi must win)
"Varun nahin yeh aandhi hai, doosra Sanjay Gandhi hai
(Varun Gandhi is like a storm, he is another Sanjay Gandhi)".

He had been campaigning earlier but they have gone unnoticed. It’s alarming…

The widow and son of Sanjay Gandhi… Maneka Gandhi and son Varun Gandhi – were once upon a time the virtual leader of the Congress party in 1970s –

They both joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in Feb 2004

After joining the BJP..Varun Gandhi, grandson of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and great-grandson of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had said,

"Historically, my family has been part of the Congress and has led it through its most glorious era. I do believe, however, that what my family was true to was not a party but a value system, a tradition of self-sacrifice, national pride and independence of spirit. I consider joining and strengthening the BJP to be in the nation's best interest and, therefore, decided to do so."
And on Sonia Gandhi as the leader he said

“The foreign origin is an issue but there are many other issues besides it that could be taken up during the poll campaign,"

Today a “change” “makeover” can be seen in the 29 year old boy.
Five years…

Today what we hear is..
"All the Hindus stay on this side and send the others to Pakistan"
Not only this- he also made some derogatory remarks against Mahatma Gandhi in the campaign

I am not coming to terms with the reality.. Friend is this the ideology of the party that he belongs to?

Or is it something else?

It is very shocking..

A criminal case is also lodged (BJP) Lok Sabha candidate Varun Gandhi for his alleged communal campaign speeches in Uttar Pradesh's Pilibhit constituency. The non-bailable case.

"Varun Gandhi has been booked under Section 153 (a) and Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code as well as Section 125 of the People's Representative Act.

While Section 153 (a) deals with "promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony", Section 188 is on "disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant". Section 125 of the People's Representative Act deals with "offence of promoting enmity between classes in connection with the elections".

Varun Gandhi has ruffled feathers ..friends.. by his pro-Hindu speeches.
He has reportedly threatened to cut off the hands of those who raise a "hand against Hindus".
He is the descendant of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, a founding father of India’s secular democracy.
The streak of rabid communalism runs right across.

How dare he..!! I'm a Muslim and proud to be one. Also I thank my ancestors and god that they did not choose Pakistan and chose to stay back in India.

India is my country more than that of Varun Gandhi.
if u think he was wrong ..sign the petition to oppose his contesting


  1. firstly we need apology from muslims for mumbai.

  2. secondly pork must be eaten in all muslim areas

  3. thirdly this tape was doctored, muslims like to think hindus think that way

  4. fourthly cool down baccha, what jinnah did to India will never be forgotten

  5. fifthly dont be proud of being muslim in India, so what, u are just a normal citizen.

    anybody can comment abt islam, what ur religion is so great, u can't take comments , esp after mumbai carnage

  6. And yes, i think cow slaughter should be banned..If the majority say so,so shall it be.And if someone has a problem,they might as well pack their bags and leave!

  7. Friends, while your comments and concerns are 100% correct, the crucial point is : when do we take the next step of taking charge of the Nation ?
    The Parliamentary elections of next 2 months are the big chance to prevent people from the misery of another 5 years at the hands of the likes of varun and sanjay (and all those who are with them in different colors), and its now upto us - the educated lot - to see that we take the final action.
    Let's get 500 honest people as Humanist candidates and storm the next Parliament with the moral of Non-violence and re-build the country that we all love so much.
    Let's act Now !
    We have started and you are welcome : http://www.humanistparty.org/index.php/change

  8. Go and study History, you will know, Hindu's are the most secular religious people than any one else.If that was not the case then the % of people of other religion would have decreased. Stop showing your stupidity.

  9. "I'm a Muslim and proud to be one"
    What is there to be proud of belong a member of a religious group? -One can be proud if he/she has achieved something in education, art, music etc, but belonging to a set of faith whether it is Islam or Hindu or Christian, it is passive – it doesn’t need any special skills. In India you say that you are proud to be Muslim. If I said that in Muslims countries I would have lost my head. In Hinduism you don't to follow a set of rules, and you wouldn't be punished if you didn't. Hindus don't try to force anyone to become a Hindu. Islam is just opposite. I know Koran well and there is nothing new in that book. I respect the belief of others and I expect them to do the same

    What we need here in our country is a unity – other we falls apart. There would be more conflicts. We could learn a lot from the experiments of our not always friendly neighbours.
    You would remembered for what you have achieved or done not for belonging to a religion.
    I am a Hindu ( the belief only a part- it the culture, a way of life) that last word I would use here would be proud to be Hindu. I was just born into this society. Islam was forced upon by the invaders. You only need to travel our neighbouring countries and see for yourself.

    I quite agree with you that we are a citizen of India and you and I have the same right.
    Mr Varun Gandhi much better educated than his cousins, he could have been a bit tactful.
    A Politician, one should harmonise the community. One can not win a election at the expenses of other community. In that sense I disagree with Mr Gandhi. It is wrong to blame the Muslims in India for what these paranoiac terrorist did in Mumbai. We have to build a strong and united India irrespective of our beliefs and culture to face such situation. Better education could help our people. India belongs to every one
    “For united we stand -Divided we fall “

    Prakash from the south