Sunday, February 1

Law is broken not the tradtion

It was the law that was broken not the tradition in Mangalore.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching on various TV channels few days back and today what is happening over the incident is more shameful.. In the broad daylight the women were beaten up.. Molested ...The visuals on the television had made every Indian's head hang in shame.

The atrocious incident in the broad daylight reflected a complete failure of policing. It showed law not being applied to prevent crime. The Mangalore administration is willfully powerless today..

What we are seeing after the incident is more despicable.. days after the offense - no action taken - is a complete failure of governance. The law should deal with them as criminal molesters of women and send out the message that such goondaism will not be tolerated

The complete politicization of the matter has evaded the main question.. Who are they? What authority they have to take law in their hands? The matter of the fact is that it was a deplorable act.. And the persons involved in this ghastly act against women should be booked and punished.

The culture of intolerance is being promoted at the behest of the national political parties of the country. Every thing in this country gets associated with politics. The confidence of the citizens has been shaken…. Every day we see more brazen acts of violence and crime .. Being committed and the perpetuators go Scot free

It’s becoming regular to watch and hear of these inhuman acts and the culprits are out, free in the society. The police have become incapable ….The police have to be made accountable

MNS in Maharashtara took law in their own hands but the government waited.. Today the shocking assault on women was seen.. But the culprits are roaming free in the society.. They are being treated as heroes.. the attackers were booked under Section 143, which is for unlawful assembly, Section 147 - related to rioting, Section 448 for criminal trespass, Section 323, which covers assault by hand, Section 354 -- outraging the modesty of a woman, Section 504 -- use of vulgar language and Section 120 B -- criminal conspiracy have also been imposed upon them.

But where is the victims' complaint?
We will see more sad response of the political machinery that you and I just witnessed.
Our silence shall be taken for assent..Remember that…… More brazen acts of violence and crime will occur if we sit quietly. And your already dithering quality of life shall degenerate to chaos.
The silent bystander encourages such attacks.
Civil society must intervene.

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