Thursday, March 13

Chak De Gals

There is a burst of creative energy and intellectual power.Women are just not eloquently blending their views on the environment, agriculture, sports, spirituality, women's rights into a powerful philosophy. There is no glass ceiling infact. Look at the women, girls in rural and urban India. Who would say they lag behind?

The first woman college band of MP will come into existence on Feb 14th 2008.It consist of 25 girls who form the band and play the various instruments.

Sarojini Naidu Government Girls' Postgraduate (Autonomous) College Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal one of the most prestigious women college imparting education to girls. And the first girl’s band on the lines of M.P. Police's well-known band will come into existence. The band will perform classical, Western, film and folk music with the help of various musical instruments managed by the girls. It will be launched in the college itself and the His Excellency Dr Balram Singh Jhakar will be the will launch the band formally.

It’s a big achievement for the girls who became the part of an idea given by the lady principal. Subsequent to watching the regular police band performing on most of the occasions, the idea of forming the band occurred. The Principal of the college Mrs. Maru made the visualization complete by forming the band with the verve of the adolescent and the bright and intelligent girls of the college.

Plans are being made for giving the band an aura. From dress appearance to promotion of the band is been planned

What Shah Rukh Khan and his band of girls in Chak De! India has done for Indian women and of course sports has come as a godsend. Even though a little reluctantly, people are hailing it as a film that has brought some focus on team sports like hockey in a cricket-crazed nation. Whatever the argument, the film has made a nation sit up along with women to take notice of women’s sports and other pasture at large.
And now it’s the turn of Bhopal girls. The girls are excited, as they are the only one and only girl’s band in the whole of MP. Who says sky is the limit?

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