Saturday, February 16

Fair-mindedness of the vast majority

I grew up listening to a lot of stories from my grand mother and my parents about Prophets, Mahatmas, Saints, various religious gurus, Business man and political leader’s as well. They all valued freedom in every sense and also believed how articulation are mounted, passions be aroused, provoked and manufactured.

Yes I am talking about the Raj thackrey drama in Mumbai. The goons like Raj and Abu should very well understand that they cannot dictate terms to anybody they like for publicity. I am in Indian first .Every Indian can go anywhere whether its north, south, east or west India. Every Indian has he right to work wherever she/he likes. There sense of proportion is absent as publicity has become their lifeblood. What we witnessed was the near-failure of the social order in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai.

Raj found his voice at the dawn of the year 2008 after quitting shiv sena in 2005.Raj thakrey living in oblivion came in picture when he raised voice against the molestation case on New Year in Mumbai this year. He had a moment under the sun when the media highlighted the theatre of absurd in Mumbai knowing Raj thakreys gambit in the political chessboard. He spoke chillingly against migrants to gather media attention and was successful. Hatred against North Indians reached such a crescendo that Mumbai and later, its spill over in Nasik and Pune, shocked us all
Today Raj is in a win win situation. He has resurrected his identity. I must say, “A preplanned script for the leader who used photo opportunity to gain the votes”. The media made him a hero instead of highlighting the misuse of inefficiency of the state government and the dilly dally of the police.

The inefficient state government not even once thought of the mumbaikars who kept anticipating. Will there be violence or not? Schools were shut; shop owners in a fix, taxi drivers horrified as were beaten up and offices deferred their schedule .Aaj Tak channel blew things out of proportion. Small towns became vulnerable. 2 busses were burnt and in the end a Marathi an innocent person was killed in a stone pelting by some workers of the goon. To everybody’s surprise the Man who died was a Marathi and the whole fight began on the safety of Marathi’s vs. North Indians. Element of fear factor was there through out the day. Hats off! For the adaptable people of Bombay.

The 9-day drama came to an end when the police officials arrested Raj from his house, put him in the bus followed by the convoys, reached the police station and granted him bail on rs 15,000. He got away in two hours. The stage was set for him. He was arrested to be released. Still the Party doesn’t feel apologetic. The MNS took political mileage of the drama created by the state government and the police . with their negligible presence in the state municipal corporation of 7 candidates the the new political party gets recognition.

We don’t expect a different Raj thakrey after this incident any ways. The migration battle will be carried on till the time politicians who are elected by us will woo the voters by igniting the hatred instead of being a facilitator. They can’t work on highlighting issues like farmer’s death tolls and unemployment problems of the small cities in Maharashtra. The visionless sena leaders are on hunt for publicity. Why can’t they understand that the same narrow mindedness could well rebound on the poor maharashtrians staying in other states as well because we have the same categories of leaders in other states always looking for a reason to hog attentions like them? There are Indian families living outside India for business, education, works etc etc. These goons will be the first to raise a voice if any of is asked to pack their bags and go back to their country. How will they justify the demand being illegal and unconstitutional?

The whole episode shows the inefficiencies the part of the state government and the police. Why did the CM go to Sonia Gandhi for suggestions? Why was there a delay on the part of the police? Why did police take so long to arrest Raj? The police kept evaluating… The big wigs of the police were missing! There was no one to respond to the situation. The Mumbai city is in the edge of the anarchy it seems? The police was looking at the side where the political wind was blowing instead of taking a decision. The police should have acted decisively rather than delaying it. The very process was unconstitutional. It was a mirror image of the lack of economic opportunities. It was family politics and absolute opportunism.

To mobilize the vote banks such cheap politics should be stopped. Strict actions are needed to curb such nuisance being played at the cost of innocent people. the goons feel that as long as they are safe, nothing else mattered NCP and Congress think that the citizens of the country are fools. They should accept the handicap of the coalition government. Somebody has to be accountable for this high drama created. This hullabaloo shows the farsightedness the Shiv Sena and MNS have for Maharashtra.

Because of their created commotion, in pune, Nasik and adjoining cities, Ancillary units which provide material to big industries such as Mahindra and Mahindra and Crompton & Greaves are having problem in meeting the deadlines of production. Its has affected the big industries and heavy industries such as the steel industry in Satpur, Ambad and Sinnar as most of their workers are from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan who are in a fix. These petty leaders should be booked by the government.

The agendas are missing for very long in the political parties of the country! It’s shameful for the country leaders who have stooped down to this level to be in power. It shows the fair-mindedness of the vast majority and nothing more than underwater violence.
We need to rise and shine!
I’ve always been taught to be a human first.


  1. Excellent Shehla....Ur brutal,,,,but thts the way to be with all this....and u cant hide the truth too...I feel u shd send this article to an established print media....Awareness is a need today.....

  2. ull be surprised that tday in Bihar Vidhansabaha there was commotion over maharashtrians and in calcutta against marwaris.

    lets c how the supreme court reacts to the appeal of raj thackrey.He has made an appeal against his banning of speeches in public.

  3. Do u think tht banning the speeches of a anyone will help....See the fire is can go away only with awareness,,,,the thing not found in plenty in india....The problem is, We follow without reason.....This is gonna continue...dont know where it'll stop or even dont know whether u nd me might also fall prey to it...or not??....coz when a fire spreads it takes away everything and everyone....