Monday, January 21

What if .........

What if we have women chef and cab drivers in the state?

All we have to do is bond 3 departments - tribal department, tourism department and women and child department.
Tribal department will give opportunity/ select the women who are good cooks as well as studying in school/college and will also select women who can be good drivers and run their own taxi. MP tourism would give them employment and women and child department will get loans and other facilities from the banks through their schemes.
MP tourism should take an initiative of 8th march 2008 as on that day is women’s day. To everybody’s surprise and for the people to know that anything thought in good intentions leads to a beautiful outcome. This year The United Nations resolution for tourism is “empowerment of women through tourism”.
This idea had struck my mind while reading an article by the MD of Singapore Tourism months back on the net. I had been thinking how the rural women be empowered with what they are. At the same time I placed by self in the tourist soul who is visiting India and looking for a rural life of the Tribal and rural lives. What place can it be better than the heart of India my MP. It has different tribes, Bhils and rural surrounded in every nook and corner of its body. Large segment – almost 40 percent - of Madhya Pradesh’s population is tribal. Its four agro-climatic zones have resulted in a most interesting mix of peoples and lifestyles. There are three distinct tribal groups; the largest chunk being that of the Gonds, who once ruled most of the state and after whom Gondwana, the central portion of the state, is named. Western Madhya Pradesh is inhabited by the Bhils, a colourful group of warriors and hunters. The eastern side of the state is dominated by the Oraons, most of who have now converted to Christianity. Population is pretty sparse in the tribal areas as the terrain is hilly and difficult
What is interesting, however, is that the tribal have managed to retain their ethnic identity, customs and rituals despite modernization. The tourist soul will definitely look for the authentic food as well.
While surfacing out of the tourist body, my soul and mind outlined an idea which if given a vision will bless plenty of people and give me oomph to work more and make my mind fertile.
This idea is within the means of both the parties, can be administered, can be controlled easily without much ado, can be the implemented easily, can give results like greased lightning and at the same time the women will get an employment prospects while at home.
If the scheme gets launched it will be real empowerment of women through rural tourism.
Plenty of women can use the ideas for their living. All MP tourism would need is –training of this women regarding hygiene and serving the guest and secondly a women drivers license by the time they become real drivers. This scheme has to be implemented in the 5 major cities of MP i.e. Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur. The women and child welfare department will help them in financing their business.
The tourism department can hard sell the tribal and employ them.

Till next, let me explore some more.

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