Monday, January 7

Guns n roses

Violence continues to pose a challenge to the nation's educational environment. We have a 16 year old boy killing his junior in school over a tiff which occurred last year. He shot him pointblank with a local made pistol as the victim did not acknowledge his New Year greetings.
The incident is the first of its kind in Madhya Pradesh-in Satna district. It comes barely a month after the shocking killing of a Class VIII student by two of his classmates in a Gurgaon public school.Do these incidents incidents point towards some disturbing emerging trends ? Hope not. But if yes its time to take note of the symptom and kill the virus. Right away.
We see the best and brightest of students being alienated by oppressive environments. Many strict responses to violence in school demand profiling. But at times this makes the school environment worse for students who do not adhere to the rules. Cooperative learning technique could be an option that reduces conflict among school children, promotes better learning, improves student motivation, and increases enjoyment of the learning experience.
Violence in our schools demands that educators, students, parents, social service organizations, and concerned individuals be informed about the problems, causes, and effects of school violence. The entire society should join the search for solutions. Not only parents but the school education system and the society have to take a lead to save our future generation.


  1. what a wise post - I agree with your conclusion - hope someone is reading it for further action - in any case, we must keep on highlighting this issue

  2. Shehla,

    There is a number of very good responses and there are elements in truth in all. I think that effort, rigour/discipline and respect are key areas that have been unconditioned out of our children. There is a lot of tough love critics out there that blame Dr Spock from making it uncool and I am admittedly one of those like Ray.

    I think (this includes myself) we have just become a lot lazier, in an era of instant gratification and conveniences. Cooking a home cook meal and getting everyone around the table to share a meal was once common, but today its hard and getting Pizza is faster and better. Living together with a lifelong partner was once an accepted norm but now it is the exception and has become too difficult to be acceptable. Walking and Driving to our destination giving ourselves plenty of time was normal (to be early was normal) but now we leave at the very last moment and zig zag through traffic to beat the next person and the next lights. We don't take effort to think things through when we have the spare time, and put an iPod in our ears to stop our brain from being busy, but once upon a time, to think, to contemplate was to grow and improve ones self.

    Even in business we want a one page executive summary or a high level brief to make key strategic decisions. Once upon a time knowing every aspect of your business was key to be a good business leader. So it is with our children, as much as I love the Wiggles, to sit them infront of a TV and see them do a jig and sing and dance is easier and some how better than taking them out to a park or play board games with family (I'm talking about families that use TV as a baby sitter and not those that use it as one aspect of a diverse routine). It is now more important to sit down and watch a DVD or read a paper than talk about the difficulties and the despondent nature of our relationship.

    We as a society have to make an effort to condition our children to understand the importance of effort. Teach them to think before they speak will teach them to consider before they punch. Making the effort to appreciate life and others, will stop them being absorbed with self and make them eager to learn and understand others before contemplating ills. Making them listen to your voice rather than Eminem allows them to appreciate your words before those who want to say bad about the world gets their chance.

    The problem with violence in our children starts with us, and the way we teach them to perceive the world they live in, and the conditioning/rigor we teach them to apply when they are engaging it is core to their livelihood, as they will imitate what they perceive. As no answer is ever simple, applying life is going to be that much harder, but the paradox of it is, if we do it often enough, it becomes simpler.



    Thanks for the Opportunity to write this response.