Thursday, January 17

भईया क्या चाहते हो ?

भईया क्या चाहते हो

The bench of Justice Rakesh Saxena stayed proceedings against Sania Mirza and made it clear to hounds of publicity that law can not be used as a tool for personal fun at the cost of others life and career। Not only this but also issued a show-cause notice to the petitioner asking why proceedings against her in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Bhopal be not quashed?
Although Indian sports star Sania Mirza showed she had put the controversy that haunted her Australian Open preparations well behind her on Thursday as she battled to the third round in Melbourne. She qualified to play with Venus inspite of the pressure from the frivolous lawsuits, FIR, Fatwas and load of exasperating incidents that she is blamed for igniting.
I wanted to call up the limelight hog “Prakash Thakur” who happens to be from Bhopal-My City. Bhai kya chate ho? CJM Ajay Shrivastava on January 9 receiving a complaint from this moron, issued a notice to Sania Mirza on a charge dishonouring the tricolour. Not to miss the allegation based on a photograph that appeared in newspapers on January 1, showing her feet up, alongside a small pedestal-borne national flag. Sania was playing with Rohan Bopanna at Perth, Australia, in the Hopman Cup against Czech. A photographer photographed her in an introspective mood after defeating her rival. A technical mistake or a publicity stunt of the photographer of AFP.
This was not the first incident. There have been loads of incidents from extremists, fans and buffoons like Thakur. She was in the controversy when she refused playing with Israeli tennis star Shahar Pe’er in the doubles tournament of the Bangalore for fear of violent protests by India’s Islamic communityalthough initially she agreed, but later retracted, telling Pe’er “It’s best that we don’t play together this time to prevent protests against my cooperation with an Israeli. There is no reason to arouse their ire (Muslims).
She was chastised by Muslim groups in India for wearing a sleeveless top and a mini-skirt during her matches. Local Muslim groups claimed that her attire degrades Islam, and some even threatened to kill her.
'I am opposed to pre-marital sex' and “should have safe sex” comments by her during press conferences made her loose a few advertising campaigns, costing the young tennis player significant income due to extremists as they claimed she is corrupting the youth in the country, especially the girls.
A week back in an attempt to ease tensions she had made up her mind to quit when the flag row first flared.
What kind of Democracy are we are living in our country?

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