Saturday, January 12

Basic values

A Para caught my brainwave at “Our popular culture has a lot of trouble delivering affirmative feelings about what we once considered good, basic values. Consumed by cynicism, we seem embarrassed by our own good will. We leap at every opportunity to dismiss the better angels of our nature as no more than corny — or as the way a simpleton might see the world.”
The affliction can be particularly serious in the black community the author said with his experience.
The burden is just not on the Blacks but on any cultural group, tribes, nations, in any religion. There are people who believe and choose which values fit in this mechanical world. Every thing! Be it the basic values. They are being mechanized by few. They are even run on agenda.
It’s the education which needs to be free and compulsory for all till a basic stage. Severe punishment should be imposed for not taking this as an oath. this rule should be like a rule in a religious book.
Beside other weak links this link if taken upon can strengthen the middle class value system. The matter-of- fact ness will remain intact and so will the mind of simple human being- basic values -of middle class.
Stereotyping is a common phenomenon every where. It takes ages to change that perception of a person forget about societies, communities.
This misleading has to be stopped. It is not only dangerous but will make human beings extinct.

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