Thursday, June 7

Save Bhopal

No cause is more important than the cause to save our Bhopal. This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country and as a global community. We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution. Join the supporters of the Stop Global Warming in Bhopal campaign and become part of the movement to demand our leaders freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now.

Copy of the letter on the net and to the citizens for consent

Letter to the Mayor (Bhopal) and the Minister for Housing & Environment (MP Government)

Dear friends,

The results are in and the reality of global warming is beyond dispute or debate. We request you to look into the appeal of thousands of citizens of the city which can save green Bhopal .
The most dangerous threat facing Bhopal is pollution of the lakes and pollution of the city. As every body is a contributor to global warming and every body needs to be part of the solution, small contributions can save our green and beautiful Bhopal.

Become a part of the campaign.- There are many simple things you can do in your daily life — what you eat, what you drive, how you build your home — that can have an effect on your immediate surroundings, and on places as far away as Antarctica.

As a concerned citizen of the city, sign the letter or mail your views and consent for stopping vehicular movement near the boat club. Also all other lakes need to be immediately cleaned. How can the garbage already dumped in all lakes be removed? Also how can we stop the ever increasing pollution at the lakes?

Why can’t we accept car pooling to reduce carbon dioxide emission?

This letter was given to the Mayor ( Bhopal) and Minister Housing and Environment (MP)
We request to get more and more citizens to give momentum to this campaign.
Respected Sir,
We as citizens of the country and the city Bhopal make an appeal and request to the the Mayor of Bhopal and the Honourable Minister for Housing and Environment Madhya Pradesh to stop the use of VEHICLES at Boat Club and stop the use po Polythene at the nearby restaurants polluting the Lake.
Its our humble request to help the lake of Bhopal live for long which is our pride.
We request to hear our appeal and Make the boat club road vehicle free road.
The parking can be made at the Bharat Bhawan & near the shamla police station.
Bicycles can be provided on rental for visitors
Tanga rikshaw can be revived.
Food stalls constructed by Nagar Nigam should be given to women to run it.
The Forest Dpt shOuld not allow vehicles inside the Van Vihar. Solar Energy should be utilized to run vehicles
Bicycles should be used inside Van Vihar.
We hope you will look into the request made by thousand of citizens of Bhopal to you and save the lake and the environment of Bhopal.


Shehla Masood

The mails can be sent at or you can comment directly on the blog.


  1. Dear Shehla,
    For the cause of the "warming of Bhopal" or any other environmental issue, you are aware that my consent is alway there with you!
    I also request you to discuss the matter of saving our priceless forests & tigers of MP on which the state boasts of the status of tiger state!
    The global warming is also due to the extensive cutting of forest near & around Bhopal & making it a forest of steel & cement!
    PR Singh
    Bandhavgarh Foundation

  2. Love your username~
    I enjoyed what I read, I agree with you for the most part.
    Unfortunately these days having opinions that are considered the least
    bit conservative are akin to having leprosy. Can't hurt anyone's
    feelings - like racial profiling - sorry - it makes sense at the
    airport. Hurt someone's feelings if it's gonna save my life! And in
    Chicago - we have tons of illegals marching for rights and protesting
    against INS raids. EXCUSE me? Do they not understand the word

    So yes, I agree with what I have seen so far. I have linked you to my
    blog, which is nothing about politics or world views - but it will
    make it easy for me to check back on yours! Thanks for sharing!


  3. "Helping hands are better than Praying Lips"
    - Mother Theresa

    all the best

  4. ashish and reenaJune 7, 2007 at 1:46 PM

    we are there with the team for the cause.


  5. excellent initiative....

  6. wanted the gold, and I got it --
    Came out with a fortune last fall, --
    Yet somehow life's not what I thought it,
    And somehow the gold isn't all.

  7. like your blog! Great. I have a few blogs

  8. Dear Shehla,
    I have been involved with environmental issues since the last 20 years, specially with wind power generation. I always used to take pride in boasting about living in Bhopal earlier, coz of its beauty and non-polluted environs. Today unfortunately due to the increase in population and vehicles, our once beautiful city is taking a beating. Its really now high time that conscious people should step forward and save this city. Wonderful effort by you to initiate.
    I belevie that we can bring about a change by making people aware - and leave behind a legacy for the future generation.
    Best wishes,

    Rajan Deb

  9. Shela
    Nice to learn that people like you are still there in the society and are coming forward for such a noble cause

    If you can t be a highway then just be a trail it isn t by your size that you win or you fail

    More important is to initiate

    Luck supreme

    Shahwaar khan

  10. we are with you for the cause

  11. my whole team along with me are with you for the cause.

    please send the letters to get the signatures aswell

  12. Hi Shehla,

    I am Aarti Mahesh from the batch of 1994 - 97 in the BBA stream in BSSS. Though I have been more of a mute spectator in the BSSS rocks egroup but have been enjoying each and every mail from my seniors.

    This was something closest to my heart - "Saving Bhopal". though I no longer live in Bhopal, my roots are from this very beautiful place and my parents are still in Bhopal. I live in Chennai and basically always rue about the fact that this city is not doing enough to protect its waterbodies the way Bhopal does. But I was shocked at seeing the state of the "Lower lake" on my last visit to Bhopal.

    For all it is worth, my suggestion would be for apart from the beautification of the parks etc, the corporation should do its utmost to increase the gren cover further and not allow Bhopal to become another concrete jungle. Every commercial building should necessarily have tree covers (just the way factories are mandated). Block all sewage lines with its outflow into the waterbodies. Develop a very good public transport system in Bhopal (biodiesel run VOlvo A/C buses). This in itself would reduce the dependence on own vehicles in the city.

    I think these basic steps would contribute in a small way to improve the ecology of the city.

    Look forward to hearing your views.


    Aartii Mahesh

  13. maam,

    very few persons will take uo cause this way. a part of your team.

  14. Shehla,
    damn good work, which we all want to do.somebody like youwas needed to push us.


  15. Asalamoalaykum.....

    this is really very important for all of us to unite for this cause .. so that the coming generation can also live here on this planet ..

    GreeeN is with u ...

    All the very best ..

  16. bhopal is a city of lakes but has many issues esp littering at bhopal lake, with many innovations happening it may need blogs like u to raise concern or else it will die. Next 10 years will not have any bhopal lake it goes way it is going

  17. do call us for rallies or some adventure sports. we are interested

  18. very good effort.keep it up

  19. ur doing a good job,Ms Masood!
    keep it up!!

    Abhay Patwardhan.

  20. Hi.. I have become your fan�


  21. aaj ka city Bhaskar pare.. aap ka idea hai kya?