Monday, January 15

Why this blog?

Most of us are increasingly becoming part of a problem called the India-Bharat divide.The solution is not coming from those who have been accorded the highest perks and privileges for just doing that. But a solution has to come otherwise we are doomed. Hence this blog.
I'm convinced that a solution can be found. A few rules have to be changed here and there. The way we just think but don't implement our beliefs based on our ideals. Beliefs that we have adopted keeping our circumstances in mind. Harsh realities that bring with them shock --that is depleting-- emerge with an alarming regularity. It's time we get into action. All professionals who have benefited from modern day economic policy have to get together and pull the rest along. Any takers.


  1. Nice to c your blog. A lot needs to b set straight. What is required is an honest attempt. 'he no reasons to believe that results would'nt show.Cheers

  2. It has become inevitable to start working on this issue. We the young, educated, so called next-gen has to initiate. And for that i must congratulate you to have taken a step forward. Collective effort will give better results.

    Why? do the young generation of today's world and specially fast developing country like our's need to have reservations? WHY? For how long these politicians will play with our sentiments? The policy that firangs used "divide and rule", still now is being practiced by the hindustani politicians.

    Abdul Kalam is Abdul Kalam, because he is not from the reserved category. If u have the guts and the will, anybody can acheive what he deserve or u can say what u deserve u get. But u need to make efforts.

    "this country need leaders not politicians"

    I hope that we and we only can change the rules.............
    lets become one

  3. It is very important to start working on this.But how.When quality education is only for the rich/people who can afford it how will we have a balanced society.
    We need to dig deep and make an honest attempt.
    We need great leaders once again like Gandhiji etc,who work for the country.We the people then can change the rulz.

  4. India is that notional entity, largely Anglicised and relatively better-off, that had obtained the succession of colonial exploitation from the British; while Bharat is largely rural, agricultural, poor and backward that was being subjected to colonial-like exploitation even after the end of the Raj. Many have erroneously interpreted the expression to denote the urban-rural divide. The relatively opulent segment of the rural society that derived its incomes from non-agricultural activities under state-protection were a part of India while the slum dwellers and the footpath occupants of cities were, in fact, refugees from Bharat to India in search of livelihood. The basic purpose in enunciating the India vs Bharat is to do away with all traces of geo-political character from Marx's Town and Country Divide, as also Mahatma Gandhi's diatribe against the Townspeople who, he said, will have to answer before God for their sins against the rural people while bringing out, as starkly as possible the dual character of Indian society and wide chasm between the agricultural sector and the industry in British India.

  5. It is quite common for people to suggest reforms & sweeping changes and to predict dire consequences if something is not done fast.

    We fail to realize that change can begin with one individual doing something as simple as keeping his street clean.

    For change to occur we set conditions...this must be done....those people must do it.....

    Big plans with no momentum. Because we have forgotten that we are working on a problem that is huge and which has been in existence for a very long time.

    And in the process we don't even take the baby steps required to move from A to B

    Keep sharing thoughts


  6. gud issue has been raised, there is urgent need to make people aware of the importance of water.people think it is available in plenty, tho the fact remains the sources of water around the globe have been shrinking and polluting...each passing day, and it is believed that the next world war will be fought over WATER..